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Site Surveys & Network Assessments

Coping with and staying abreast of the constantly growing wireless communication industry is a major challenge for most companies, but with InteleLink we make it simple. Based upon our expertise, we carefully survey and assess each situation, followed by making recommendations based specifically on your needs. We demonstrate the advantages of a Wi-Fi Survey by making determinations that save time, money and effort in addition to assuring signal strengths that meet all requirements as well as coverage of your wireless area. A Wi-Fi Survey may also be used to measure performance and to assure that execution is effective, helping to produce an optimal design for any multi-floor environment. Once we determine your requirements, we order the right products and then stage and configure them, followed by installation and a post –op survey. As each step ensures a system that works at optimum performance, our site surveys and network assessments protect your network and increase its manageability.

Staging & Configuration

At InteleLink, we make sure to store, stage and ship your components checking on every detail to be sure everything works perfectly. We tailor each situation according to your requirements, making the entire process seamless and simple. Prior to sending out any components, each is tested for quality control and then safely wrapped for shipping

Network & Asset Management

InteleLink provides network and asset management that maintains an accurate inventory of all company components including hardware and software assets that keep your organization running efficiently. Our system scans and updates tracking of the complete life cycle of your assets and determines cost factors associated with each asset within your network.

Wi-Fi Installation

At InteleLink we plan and install your wireless network in addition to testing and verifying the entire operation. Because installation is an extremely challenging endeavor, we make sure that the coverage and bandwidth required is available for the Wireless LAN user. Hardware is always configured and tested to make certain installation moves forward seamlessly. In addition to designing and building cabling infrastructures, we also conduct inside wiring that supports voice, data, video and multimedia systems. We believe nothing is worse than missing important documentation, which is why we at InteleLink help you document everything in your network, leaving nothing to chance. Above and beyond, we configure and test, access points, connections, mountings and final configuration. Overall, we evaluate, design and install the right wiring and cabling that supports the growth of your company.

Project Management

InteleLink’s highly technical team works in cooperation with your team, making sure your project is handled seamlessly. With our years of experience and a team of experts in place, we offer project management options across an array of technologies that support maximum efficiency and optimization. We manage any aspect of your project including design, inventory, cloud options, repair, replacements and calibration, plus we adhere to your needs and specifications of any project.

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